No matter which calendar you use

It really doesn’t matter which calendar (Mayan or Christian) you’re looking at, this is pretty amazing if you understand Washington sports and the abysmal record Washington DC sports teams have over the last several years.

John Wall leads the Wizards to win their fifth straight, the Caps win a road Game 7 (in OVERTIME!), the Nationals are in first place and the Redskins actually did something right in the draft by taking Robert Griffin III? Maybe the Mayans were right…

I have a friend who swears that one of the seven signs of the apocalypse is “…when the little bear from the windy city takes the pennant”. I’m going to be watching the Cubbies! The end may be near 🙂


About da parson

Of the many roles I've filled, the one that has consumed more time than any is that of "parson", an old-fashioned name for a minister, pastor, reverend or clergy. It is a corruption of the word "person". The term itself is at least 800 years old. In towns and settlements in the US, the "parson" was "the man", often the most educated person in the area. He was well connected because all of the big days that were celebrated had to be solemnized by him. "da" as the modifier (think "da' Bears") makes it a little more edgy and hip, I think. Its my way of saying I'm still an old fashioned "parson", with a 21st century sensibility.
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