About daparson

I have tried many endeavors, though the one I invested the most time in is being a pastor.

My friends say my background is “eclectic” or “unusual”. One good friend calls it my “…checkered past” because I have done so many things. I have been (this is an incomplete list):  a radio dj, a furniture mover, a house painter, a college Greek teacher, an actor, a landscaper, a “picker” (like “American Pickers”, an antique dealer, a seminary professor, a career Marine, a part of the “military industrial complex” where I built missiles (so technically you could say I was a rocket scientist), a personal coach, writer, radio talk show host…..

You get the idea. I once had a dog that was smarter than Lassie, cuter than Benjie and braver than Rin-Tin-Tin. I raised the requisite 2.4 kids. So you can see why when I introduce myself I simply say I was a pastor. Now I help people solve problems.

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