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Tennessee pumpkin carving

I LOVE the Second Amendment!

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From the land of vanity plates: Office Space fan?

The only thing I could think of when I saw this one was the movie Office Space, and the running gag about cover sheets on the TPS Reports that had to be stapled to every report…

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Thoughts while wondering whatever happened to…

…Mario Lopez. One of my good friends in the Marine Corps. All efforts to contact him have been frustrated by the fact that he is from McAllen, Texas, where there a lot of people named “Mario Lopez”      …Does anyone … Continue reading

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Little rituals of certain days

I have “rituals” related to certain days in the year, sort of my own “festival calendar.” I got the idea from the Old Testament actually. Israel had a cycle of feasts that regularly punctuated their otherwise ordinary existence. They were called … Continue reading

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Holy Week politics

The title of this post may strike you as a little strange, but then the internet has a way of “marrying” topics that aren’t normally seen together. In churches with which I am familiar many people recognize the connection between … Continue reading

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‘Tis (almost) the season

It is getting closer to Christmas – which I know because I’ve been seeing Christmas themed store displays since Labor Day weekend. It is a testimony to our ability to turn anything into crass commercialism, an esential American trait. To … Continue reading

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