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Just to say….

I would buy one of these just so I could whip it out of my wallet and say “I bagged my limit”. Advertisements

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Did anyone notice?

Did anyone notice that many of these colors are not regularly found in nature, at least in fingernails. Unless of course you happen to live near Chernobyl or Three Mile Island. What animal or human has lemon yellow fingernails for … Continue reading

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If you need to smile today

This has received tons of hits on Youtube. It made me laugh.

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The wsidom found at Target

A few months ago I “clipped” an article from The Atlantic┬áthat talked about how Facebook is making us lonely. We may have a broader array of “friends” but what they have in breadth they lack in-depth. The “friends” we have … Continue reading

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Self Portrait with Monkey

Can you get this monkey off my back?…….

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Last call

…for white wine that is.No more white wine after I read this article. Turns out red wine is not only good for your heart. It helps other places too!

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They train them early

I have to wonder when I see some people – how can they be so dumb? Some people just don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain. I have always wondered how they got that way. Now … Continue reading

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