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From the land of vanity plates: A true companion

This one almost certainly has to be the male relation of HSSY FIT. I guess maybe crazy drivers set him off! Advertisements

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Thoughts while wondering whatever happened to….

….Val Kilmer. The man just “blew up”. I mean, if you remember the Val Kilmer of Top Gun and Tombstone, this doesn’t even look like the same guy.        * If you can fit “JUICY” on your butt, it         … Continue reading

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Avoid run on sentences – except this one

Dr. Barbara Bellar is a candidate for Illinois State Senate, District 18. She sums up Obamacare in this one sentence. In her words (in case you want to support her) “I am a candidate running against the Chicago Machine and I … Continue reading

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At the end of the day, it is what it is

Clichés are a sort of shorthand when we speak. For writers or those who speak often they are similar to Aunt Louise’s blue eye shadow – she doesn’t see it, though it is the first thing everyone else sees. Whether … Continue reading

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Thoughts while wondering whatever happened to….

,,,,Bebe Rebozo. Do you remember the Nixon crony and how Johnny Carson used to make fun of some of the scandals during the Nixon administration? That’s one of the differences between then and now. Nixon had interesting names like Bebe Rebozo and … Continue reading

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When confronted with an otherwise awkward moment

Here’s one to put in your “Useful Tip” file.

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On coming back

Beginning in the late 70s I read National Review regularly. When my budget was really lean I would read it in the local library. Sometimes I succumbed to those “special offer” post cards and had it sent directly to my … Continue reading

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