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Goose bumps at the politickin’ picnic

A Vietnam era veteran (deservedly proud Marine) makes a stand and vocalizes [very well] what most Americans have rarely if ever heard, and what the uninformed [low information voters] will think is the National Baseball¬†Theme (if they recognize the melody … Continue reading

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Maybe you’ll think twice

….before you check the “Organ Donor” box on your driver’s license after you read this article.

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I’m having a better day than…

I am DEFINITELY having a better day than Congress. They are only slightly more popular than ebola and slightly less popular than a colonoscopy. That makes me feel slightly smug (“I’m doing better that THAT”) and a little superior.   … Continue reading

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Things I Hate that I Like: Bruce Springsteen

For a very long time I thought I was the only person that was this conflicted about Bruce Springsteen. I mean, I LOVE his music but I HATE his politics. I cringed when Governor Chris Christie was so enthusiastic about … Continue reading

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More definitive proof

As if you needed to be reminded – socialism, liberalism, progressivism – all of the –isms, –asms and spasms are bad for you. I’ve done the service of pointing this out before. I recently ran across this article that provides … Continue reading

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A comedy writer’s trifecta

There are just too many punch lines in this article. Religion, politics, sex¬†– it’s a virtual late night comedy writer’s trifecta! I’m going to try a couple that came to mind – I’d love to hear yours (as long as … Continue reading

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And here’s ANOTHER reason…

…that America is an exceptional nation. Hat tip to Bill Bennett’s American Patriot’s Daily Almanac. It is a good reminder (in the midst of a season of overheated political rhetoric) that both Democrats and Republicans love this country. I disagree … Continue reading

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